Bike Hire Fees & Charges 

Road Bike Fleet

Daily Hire from  40 - 50 Euro
Weekly Hire from 250 Euro  

Mountain Bike Fleet

Daily Hire...
Hard Tails - from 35 Euros
Full Suspension - from 45 Euros
Town commuting bike - from 20 Euros

Weekly Hire...
Hard Tails - from £100 (150 Euros)
Full Suspension - from £120 (170 Euros)
Town commuting bike - from 20 Euros

Delivery Service 
Pyrenees Bike Hire offer a free delivery service to Gites and B&B throughout the beautiful Luchon area. ​A small extra charge for delivering bikes 10km outside of Luchon.

Terms and Conditions 

  1. Bikes are hired with tube bag, tube, levers and pump. The equipment must be treated with due care at all times. Please respect our equipment.
  2. Pyrenees Bike Hire reserves the right to remove equipment from the customer (if the customer is deemed to be mistreating equipment) or replace equipment at any time during the period of hire.
  3. The customer should not do any repairs to any damaged bike or make alterations to the rental bike or accessories without consent in writing from Pyrenees Bike Hire, basic running repairs exempt from this ruling.
  4. All Bikes and accessories remain the property of Pyrenees Bike Hire during the rental period and cannot be sold, removed from the region, loaned, or leased to another party.
  5. A cash bond of €150 and the client’s passport (or driver’s license) will be held as security during the rental period. 
  6. The client will be responsible for any damage sustained during the rental period and pay (at the time of bike return) and if stolen or lost agree to pay the market replacement value to Pyrenees Bike Hire.
  7. The customer will pay (at the time of bike return) for any and all repairs to equipment in the event of accident or damage.
  8. Pyrenees Bike Hire will not accept any rental equipment back until any outstanding debt is settled in full.
  9. All equipment hired is the responsibility of the client during the period of hire.
  10. The customer must secure and protect equipment when not in use, during the rental period.
  11. The client will not hold Pyrenees Bike Hire responsible for accident or injury sustained during the rental period and provides their own travel insurance.


Pyrenees Bike Hire requires all international cyclists to have full travel insurance and provide proof of insurance when collecting the bike.  No bike will be released without suitable documentation.