The Pyrenees Mountains

Col du Tourmalet East from St Marie 17km 1455mts Avergage  7.50%  Max 12% 
Col du Tourmalet West from St Sauveur 18.2km 1405mts Avergae 7.90% Max 10%

Col de Portet - Aspet From Aspet West 5.3kms 594mts Average 8.80% Max 17%
Col de Portet - Aspet From Audressin East 18km 557mts Average 3.20% Max 10%

Col de Mente From Aspet West 11km 716mts Average 6.70% Max 11% 
Col de Mente From St Beat East 9.7km 845mts Average 8.70% Max 11%

Col du Portillion West from Luchon 10.2km 563mts Average 7.20% Max 12% 
Col du Portillion East From Bossot 8.9km 583mts Average 7% Max 13%

Col du Peyrsourde From Luchon East 15km 939mts Average 6.20% Max 10% 
Col du Peyrsourde From Borderes West 10km 665mts Average 7.20% Max 10%

Port de Bales From Luchon South 20.2km 1125mts Average 5.70% Max 12% 
Port de Bales From Mauleon North 18.9km 1185mts Average 6% Max 11.50%

Col d'Azet From Genos side 8.1km 620mts Average 8% Max 10%
Col d'Azet From St Lary (Boursip 10.7km 780mts Average 8.50% Max 10%

Superbagneres From Luchon 18.7km 1170mts Average 6.30% Max 11%

Col du Peguere off Col de Port 3.5km 575mts Average 11.40% Max 16%

Col de Larrieu From East 4.5km 314mts Average 6.80% Max 11% 
Col de Larrieu West from Aspet 6.3km 229mts Avearge 3.80% Max 13%

Luz Ardiden From Luz St Sauveur 14km N/A Average 7% Max 9%

Col de Ares East from Aspet 6.2km 310mts Avearge 4.60% Max 7% 
Col de Ares West from Frosnac 8.2km 330mts Average 4% Max 8%

Hourquette East from Ancizan 10km 805mts Average 8% Max 14% 
Hourquette  From Payolle 10km 804mts Average 4.60% Max 7.50% 

Col d'Aspin East from Arreau 12.5km 790mts Average 6.30% Max 10%
Col d'Aspin West from St Marie 18.4km  829mts Average 5.50% Max 8%

Aubisque East from Argeles Gazost 26km N/A Average 4.90% Max 9%
Aubisque West from Laruns 18.4km N/A 6.50% 14%

Soulor East from Argeles Gazost 19.3km N/A Average 5.4km Max 9% 
Soulor West from the Aubisque 6.5km N/A N/A 7% Average Max 8.7%